Four.Hearts is a blog written by me (Jodie) a young woman who loves delving into the magic of writing.  It’s a journey through my eyes, not only as a mother but also from a woman who faces many tasks on a day-to-day basis like so many of us and most times find it hard to reach a balance or find ‘me’ time. For all shapes of people, whatever path you are walking, or challenges you face this blog is for you.

It’s for family, friends and strangers alike.  Whether you are having a tough time or just need a laugh, it's for those of us who aren’t just mums.  It’s for women and even men. I hope to connect to you through my words; bringing comfort, inspiration and happiness. 

I hope my blog brings you joy and helps you to feel better within yourself.  I hope it helps you take some me time and makes you smile.  I believe that even if I only help one person see their inner beauty or that what they feel is completely normal, then I have achieved something special.

Much love.

Jodie x


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